Terms related to myESET explained:

License terms

Authorization – Permission to manage a specific ESET license.

License Key – A unique string used to activate your ESET product and identify the license owner.

Public License ID (PLID) – A short string to identify the license by a third party; however, it cannot be used for ESET products activation.

License Owner – The sole owner of an ESET license.

License Admin – Administrator that sees the license state in real-time, and/or monitors individual devices activated by the particular license (this includes also shared devices), and has the option to deactivate them.

Seat (license unit) – Activated device associated with a particular license. For example, one activated ESET Internet Security on one device means one seat/unit.

Shared seat – One or more seats of a license is shared with a different email address.

Activated license – License that has been used to activate a product.

Unactivated license – License that has never been used to activate a product.

License renewal – For more information see How to renew a license.


Stock Android – Basic version of Android operating system without manufacturers modifications. For example all Google Pixel devices, Nokia 8.3, Xiaomi Mi A3, etc.

ISP – Internet Service Provider.

For more information about types of detections, threats, remote attacks, ESET technologies, and protections, visit the ESET Glossary online user guide.