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Migrate policies


Steps below show the migration from ESET PROTECT.

1.Log in to your on-premises ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) / ESET PROTECT.

2.In your on-premises ESMC / ESET PROTECT, click Policies > All. Select the applicable policies and click Actions > Export.


Do not export any ESET Management Agent policies.

3.Save the .dat file with the list of Policies.


4.In ESET PROTECT Cloud, click Policies > Actions > Import. Select the .dat file with the list of policies exported from ESMC / ESET PROTECT in step 3 and click Import.


5.Imported policies will appear under Custom Policies. After the migration of computers from ESMC / ESET PROTECT to ESET PROTECT Cloud, policies that were assigned to computers in ESMC / ESET PROTECT are not preserved. After importing policies to ESET PROTECT Cloud, you can assign them to imported computers in ESET PROTECT Cloud.




Be careful when applying policies to computers:

1.In your on-premises ESMC 7.x / ESET PROTECT: Make a list of applied policies and their order for each managed computer.

2.In ESET PROTECT Cloud: Apply policies to each computer based on the policy setup from the on-premises ESMC / ESET PROTECT.