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The purpose of the ESET Log Collector application is to collect specific data, such as configuration and logs, from a machine of interest in order to facilitate a collection of the information from the customer's machine during a support case resolution. You can specify what information to collect from the predefined list of artifacts, maximum age of log records collected, format of the collected ESET logs and the name of the output ZIP file that will contain all collected files and information. If you run ESET Log Collector on a machine that does not have an ESET security product installed, only Windows event logs and running processes dumps can be collected.

ESET Log Collector collects selected information automatically from your system in order to help resolve issues quicker. When you have a case opened with ESET Technical Support, you may be asked to provide logs from your computer. ESET Log Collector will make it easy for you to collect the needed information.



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The ESET Log Collector is distributed as a 32-bit application. To ensure its full operation on a 64-bit system, it contains a 64-bit executable of ESET Log Collector embedded as a resource, which is extracted into a Temp directory and executed when a 64-bit system is detected.

You can use ESET Log Collector in two modes:

Graphical user interface (GUI)

Command line interface (CLI) (since version 1.8). When no command line parameters are specified, the ESET Log Collector will start in the GUI mode.

ESET product's logs are collected either as original binary files or filtered binary files (default is filtered binary files) when the ESET Log Collector is operated using a GUI. In the case of a filtered binary export, you can select the maximum age of exported records. Maximum number of exported records is 1 million per log file.

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An additional feature of ESET Log Collector is conversion of collected ESET binary log files (.dat) to XML or text file format. However, you can convert collected ESET binary log using ESET Log Collector Command line interface (CLI) only.