Remove license or deactivate ESET on devices

If you have installed an ESET product on more machines than your license allows, icon_suspicious This License is Overused will be displayed.

To disable the license on unused or non-desired machines:

1.Click ˄ under the device that you want to deactivate ESET on.

2.Select Deactivate product.

3.A new pop-up window appears. Click Deactivate to confirm product deactivation on a selected device.


Note about ESET product deactivation

If you deactivate an ESET product on a not desired device, you have to activate again. See the Product activation chapter for more details.


To remove a license from ESET License Manager:

1.Place your cursor on ˄ next to Renew or Manage License

2.Select Remove license.


3.Confirm by clicking Remove license.



About deactivating licenses

When you select Deactivate all devices, all seats in that license will be deactivated.

This is recommended when you have an expired license you do not wish to renew or if you suspect the license might be abused.

Identify and report pirated ESET licenses