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Recognizing spam scams

Generally, there are a few indicators which can help you identify spam (unsolicited emails) in your mailbox. If a message fulfills at least some of the following criteria, it is most likely a spam message.

Sender address does not belong to someone on your contact list.

You are offered a large sum of money, but you have to provide a small sum first.

You are asked to enter, under various pretenses (data verification, Financial operations), some of your personal data – bank account numbers, usernames and passwords, etc.

It is written in a foreign language.

You are asked to buy a product you are not interested in. If you decide to purchase anyway, please verify that the message sender is a reliable vendor (consult the original product manufacturer).

Some of the words are misspelled in an attempt to trick your spam filter. For example, “vaigra” instead of “viagra”.