Upgrade vShield to NSX


Read the official NSX Upgrade Guide to upgrade from vShield to NSX.

After successful unregistration of vShield Manager delete vShield Manager virtual machine, download and deploy the latest NSX Manager compatible with ESET.

To deploy NSX Manager, perform the following steps:

1.Deploy NSX Manager .ova file.

2.Connect to NSX Manager using web browser and log in.

3.In Manage Appliances Settings select the General tab and specify:

a.NTP Server

b.Syslog server (if available)


4.In the Components section, choose NSX Management Service.

5.Under Lookup Service URL, click Edit and specify:

a.Lookup service host (URL of your vCenter Server)

b.Port (depending on your vSphere version)

c.Administrator Username


e.Confirm by clicking OK and proceed with the certificate. You should be able to see Connected status.


6.Under vCenter Server click Edit specify:

a.vCenter Server address

b.vCenter Username

c.vCenter Password


Do not select the Modify plugin script download location checkbox unless necessary (for more information refer to https://pubs.vmware.com/NSX-62/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/nsx_62_install.pdf#38).

d.Click OK.


e.You should be able to see the Connected - Last successful inventory update was on <date> status.


VShield has been upgraded to NSX and is working properly.



If vCenter is already open, log out of vCenter and log in again with the same Administrator role used to register NSX Manager with vCenter..