Update vAgent Host

When update of Virtual Agent Host will be available, please do the following:

1.Click Virtual Agent Host VM > New Task.

2.icon_section Basic
Enter Basic information about the task, such as the Name, Description and Task Type. The Task Type defines the settings and the behavior for the task.

3.In the Task drop-down menu, select Remote Administrator Components Upgrade.


The Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task is used to upgrade ERA components (ERA vAgent Host, ERA Proxy, ERA Server and MDM). For example, when you want to upgrade from ERA version, to ERA version 6.2.x. See Components upgrade for detailed instructions.

4.icon_section Target


It is not possible to add Targets while creating a Client Task. You will be able to add Targets after the task has been created. Configure Settings for the task and click Finish to create the task and then create a Trigger to specify Targets for the task.


5.icon_section Settings
Select the check box next to I agree with application End User License Agreement if you agree. See License Management or EULA for more information.

Reference Remote Administrator Server - Select ERA Server version from the list. All ERA components will be upgraded to versions compatible with the selected server.

Automatically reboot when needed - Force a reboot of the client operating system, if installation requires it.

6.icon_section Summary

Review the summary of configured settings and click Finish. The Client Task is now created and a pop-up window will open. We recommend that you click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on which Targets. If you click Close, you can create a Trigger later on.