Updating ESET Virtualization Security

ESET Virtualization Security for VMware NSX consists of multiple components.

Virtual Agent Host Virtual Machine contains:

1.Virtual Agent Host, a component of ESET Security Management Center that virtualizes agent entities to allow management of agentless virtual machines. For more information refer to How vAgent Host works.

2.ESET NSX Service Manager, a component responsible for registration to VMware NSX Manager, and serves as a communication channel between the ESET Virtualization Security Appliances (EVSA) and VMware NSX Manager. VMware NSX Manager also contains EVSA OVF image.


To update EVSA (OVF) through the vCenter NSX plug-in, update the ESET NSX Service Manager first, which contains new image of EVSA. In some cases, to provide new functionality or compatibility, updating the Virtual Agent Host is necessary too.