Understanding of Security Tags and how ESET triggers them

Security tagging is a labeling mechanism in VMware Service Composer that can be used as to describe the state of a machine. This can be impressed upon a workload or be the matching criteria to a Security Group. With security tags, you can automate any behavior using NSX Service Composer using ESET or third-party services. For more information visit VMware NSX 6 Documentation Center.

By default, once ESET finds malware on any VM, a security tag is applied. You can use pre-defined security tags or define new tags during Registration to NSX.

An admin can enable or disable security tagging (under NSX Security Tagging) and choose from the following tagging options using an ERA policy:

Apply the tag only when the threat cannot be cleaned

On-demand scan profile required to remove the tag

ESET Virtualization Security is able to automatically tag and un-tag VMs according to following workflow: