On-Demand scan

To run an On-Demand scan on a protected virtual machine, follow the steps below:

1.From your ERA Web Console, navigate to Admin > Client tasks > All Tasks > ESET Security Product.

2.Select On-Demand Scan from the list and click New.

3.Enter Basic information about the task such as the Name and optional Description.

4.In the Target section, specify the clients (individual computers or whole groups) that will receive this task. Click Add targets to select Virtual machines from the Static and Dynamic Groups listed.

5.In the Trigger section, select Execute ASAP to send the task to clients immediately or choose the appropriate setting for your application.

6.In the Settings section, select the scan profile and other scan parameters.

7.Click Finish to execute the task (after it is delivered to the VM by vAgent Host).


ESET Virtualization Security can run only one on-demand scan at the same time on your Protected VM. Running second or more scans will cause to Task failed result in ERA Web Console.