Register ESET to VMware NSX Manager

1.Open the vAgent Host console from your vSphere Web client or vSphere Client and enter Management mode.


2.Select Register to VMware NSX Manager.


3.Enter your NSX Manager fully qualified domain name (FQDN) hostname and accept the certificate.

4.Enter your NSX Manager admin username and password. The Registration status will display: not registered.

5.Enter the ESET_Security.ThreatFound tag which will be used as default after finding malware on a VM.


To view tags for specific virtual machine, see vCenter > Summary > Security Tags..


6.Type r (register) and then press Enter.


7.Type s (status) and then recheck the registration status. If it is successful you will see the registered status.


8.Type q (quit) and then exit the ESET NSX Service Manager Console. You can now use the vCenter Web Client to deploy ESET Virtualization Security.