How to uninstall ESET Virtualization Security

To remove ESET Virtualization Security from your VMware ESXi host, perform the following steps in your environment:

1.Delete policies with ESET Guest Introspection via Service Composer

2.Ensure that number of protected virtual machines is zero in ESET Virtualization Security

3.Delete ESET Virtualization Security from NSX Service Deployments

4.Open Virtual Agent Host virtual machine and:

a.enter the Management mode

b.choose Register to VMware NSX Manager

c.type u and confirm by pressing Enter to unregister Virtual Agent Host from VMware NSX Manager

d.ensure that status is Not registered

5.Execute stop managing -uninstall ERA agent task on all Agentless machines

6.Delete ESET Virtualization Security and Virtual Agent Host virtual machines

7.Remove computers from ESET Remote Administrator (select them and delete them)