How to read the logs

Log files contain information about all important events that have occurred. Logging is an essential part of system analysis, threat detection and troubleshooting. Logging is performed actively in the background with no user interaction. Information is recorded based on the current log verbosity settings. It is possible to view logs directly from ESET Remote Administrator.

Logs can be found as zip files in the following locations:


Folder C:\Program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\<product>\


Path on the server: /var/eset/RemoteAdministrator/<product>/

The following logs in are available in html format:

last-error.html protocol (table) that displays the last error recorded while the ERA Agent is running.

status.html – a table showing the current state of communication (synchronization) of ERA Agent with ERA Server.

trace.log – a detailed report of all ERA Agent activity including any errors that have been recorded.