Automate On-Demand Scan after infection

To automatically run an On-Demand Scan when threat(s) are found on virtual machine(s):

1.Click Computers > Groups > All > icon_cogwheel > New Dynamic Group and create a new dynamic group.

2.Enter a Name (e.g. "Infected VM").

3.In Template, click New and enter the name.

4.In Expression, click Add rule, expand Computer, select Managed product masks and confirm by clicking OK.

5.Click ADD_BUTTON and select ESET protected: Virtual Machine (agentless) and remove ESET protected: Desktop (monitor icon).

6.Add another rule. Expand Active threats, select Threat name and click OK.

7.Select has mask from the drop-down menu and enter an asterisk (*) in the following field.


8.To confirm, click Finish twice.


This dynamic group will contain agent-less virtual machines where threats were found.

Create a client task according to the following steps:

1.Click Admin > Client Tasks > New.

2.Enter a Name (e.g. "On-Demand Scan") for the task, and from the Task drop-down menu, select On-Demand Scan.

3.In Settings, from the Scan Profile drop-down menu, select In-Depth Scan. Select Scan with cleaning and Scan all targets.

4.Click Finish.

5.In the dialog box click Create trigger.

6.Enter the trigger description.

7.In Target section, click Add Group, select the checkbox next to the Infected VM group (the group you created above).

8.In Trigger section, select Joined Dynamic Group Trigger from the Trigger type drop-down menu.

9.Click Finish.