Features & Benefits

Light on resources

ESET Virtualization Security reduces the complexity of virtualization security by enabling a merged security infrastructure.

ESET Virtualization Security also:

prevents bottlenecks associated with endpoint security agents by eliminating the need to install antivirus software on individual machines

reduces the amount of RAM which would be needed by multiple scanners (for example, ESET Endpoint Security) on multiple virtual machines on the same hypervisor

reduces CPU and disk usage when scanning machines simultaneously using the centralized scanner

reduces the vulnerability of the scanning engine present on dedicated and secured virtual machines


Each virtual machine using the same licensing as an endpoint. You can use ESET Endpoint Security solution to protect your physical machines and you can protect your virtual machines using ESET Virtualization Security with NSX agentless protection.


ESET LiveGrid® is an advanced early warning system comprised of several cloud-based technologies. It helps detect emerging threats based on reputation and improves scanning performance by means of whitelisting.

DNA Detections can identify specific known malware samples, new variants of a known malware family or even previously unseen or unknown malware which contains genes that indicate malicious behavior.

Other benefits

Native support of VMware NSX automation, supporting Micro Segmentation & automatic task execution. It automatically moves infected machines to different micro segment, to prevent malware spread, and executes scanning. When machine is proven clean, it is returned to original place.

Automatic deployment of new EVS appliances to hosts newly connected to NSX Manager. This allows automatic protection of newly added virtual hosts, and virtualized workloads. This drastically reduces time needed for security deployment.

ESET Virtualization Security supports native integration with 3rd party security solutions, using VMware Service Composer.