vCenter Installer


Your system should meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

64-bit processor, 2 or more cores

minimum 12 GB of memory

100 GB of disk storage

minimum 1 Gbps Network connection

Your server should meet the following minimum requirements:

Windows Server 2008 SP2

MSI 4.5

vCenter installer

1.Download the ISO image for ESXi from the VMware download page.

2.Double-click autorun.exe in the folder where you placed the installer files.

3.Select Simple Install.

4.The installation wizard will guide you through the installation of the components.


vCenter Single Sign On

A password for an administrator account must be set

A name for the vCenter Single Sign On site must be entered

You must accept or change the HTTPS port used for vCenter Single Sign On

You must select the destination folder for vCenter components.


The installation process will continue with installation wizard for vSphere Web Client. See the next page.