How to collect logs

Diagnostic tool is a part of all ERA components. It is used to collect and pack logs that are used by developers to solve problems with product components. Run the Diagnostic tool, select a root folder where the logs will be saved, and then select the actions to be taken (see Actions below).

Location of the Diagnostic Tool:


Folder C:\Program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\<product>\ , a file called Diagnostic.exe.


Path on the server: /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/<product>/ , there is a Diagnostic<product> executable (one word, for example, DiagnosticServer, DiagnosticAgent)


Dump logs - A logs folder is created where all logs are saved.

Dump process - A new folder is created. A process dump file is generally created in cases where a problem was detected. When a serious problem is detected, a dump file is created by system. To check it manually, go to the folder %temp% (in Windows) or folder /tmp/ (in Linux) and insert a dmp file.


Service (Agent, Proxy, Server, RD Sensor, FileServer) must be running.

General application information - The GeneralApplicationInformation folder is created and inside it the file GeneralApplicationInformation.txt. This file contains text information including the product name and product version of the currently installed product.

Action configuration - A configuration folder is created where file storage.lua is saved.