Guest virtual machines

To create guest virtual machines access vSphere Web Client and follow the steps below:

1.Open your browser and enter the web address for your vCenter Serves in the following format https://your_ip_address_or_hostname_of_a_vCenter_Server.

2.Click Log in to vSphere Web Client and log in.

3.Select VMs and Templates under Navigator.

4.Click Install this certificate and do not display any security warnings and then click Ignore.

5.Right-click a host and select New Virtual Machine > New Virtual Machine from the context menu.

6.A wizard will prompt you to:

enter the name of the virtual machine

specify the datacenter where you want to create the virtual machine

specify the host where you want to run the virtual machine

select compatibility with the host for the virtual machine

select a guest operating system version that corresponds to your installation media and finish the wizard

7.Select created virtual machine.

8.Prepare your Windows installation disk or ISO image and click the icon.

9.Select the drive letter or Connect to ISO image on local disk.

10.Right-click a virtual machine and select Power > Power On from the context menu.

11. Launch your virtual machine and finish the installation of Windows operating system.