ESXi host


Your system should meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

64-bit processor, 2 cores

minimum 4 GB of memory

minimum 1 Gbps Network connection


For more details see the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Install ESXi host

1.Go to Vmware web page and log in.

2.Download the ISO image for ESXi from the VMware download page.

3.Burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD and insert it into your CD/DVD-ROM drive, or format a USB flash drive to boot the installation and attach it. Restart your server.

4.In the boot menu, select ESXi Standard Installer.

5.On the Select a Disk page, select the drive on which to install ESXi and press Enter.

6.Select the keyboard type for the host. You can change it after installation in the direct console.

7.Enter the root password for the host.

When the installation is complete, reboot the host. You can set up basic configuration in System Customization. A restart is required for the changes to take effect.