Web Console

ERA Web Console is a web-based user interface that presents data from ERA Server and allows you to manage ESET security solutions in your network. Web Console can be accessed using a browser. It displays an overview of the status of clients on your network and can be used to deploy ESET solutions to unmanaged computers remotely. You can choose to make the web server accessible from the internet to allow for the use of ESET Remote Administrator from virtually any place or device.

This is the Web Console's Dashboard:


The Quick Search tool is located at the top of the Web Console. Select Computer Name, IPv4/IPv6 Address or Threat Name from the drop-down menu, type your search string into the text field and then click the magnifier symbol or press Enter to search. You will be redirected to the Groups section, where your search result will be displayed.


For more information see Getting to know ERA Web Console.

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