ESET Remote Administrator Server

ESET Remote Administrator Server is a primary component of ESET Remote Administrator. It is the executive application that processes all data received from clients that connect to the Server (through the ERA Agent). The ERA Agent facilitates communication between the client and the server. Data (Client logs, configuration, agent replication, etc.) are stored in a database. To correctly process the data, the ERA Server requires a stable connection to a Database server. We recommend that you install ERA Server and your database on separate servers to optimize performance. The machine on which ERA Server is installed must be configured to accept all Agent/Proxy/RD Sensor connections which are verified using certificates. Once installed, you can open ERA Web Console which connects to the ERA Server (as can be seen in the diagram). From the Web Console, all ERA Server operations are performed when managing ESET security solutions within your network.


For more information see the ESET Remote Administrator online help.