Managing ESET Virtualization Security from the console

The basic information screen, shown below, gives an overview of protected machines and allows you to configure settings by pressing Enter.


The following options can be edited in management mode:

Configure network – network settings for ESET Virtualization Security such as IP address, mask, gateway and DNS server

vShield registration – shows the current vShield registration status

Change administrator password – the system console can be configured so that only administrators can change settings (set an administrator password to use this configuration)

Configure updates – contains update settings. For more information see How to update ESET Virtualization Security

Perform appliance update – shows available system updates

Reset ERA configuration – will revert settings to the defaults specified in virtual machine parameters

Access system logs – Enable SFTP access to system logs

Licensing notices  – contains licensing information about third-party products included in software

Shut down system – will shut down your system

Lock screen – will lock the console and return to the basic information screen (also by pressing Esc)

Use the arrow keys to select a setting and press Enter to configure it.


Configure network

ESET Virtualization Security requires the following information for proper configuration:

To use DHCP:

IP address or hostname of the ERA server



DNS server 1

DNS server 2


To use IPv6:

IPv6 address

IPv6 gateway


To create a policy for ESET Virtualization Security, see the following topics:

Security Appliance policy

Protected VM policy