Offline activation

ESET Virtualization Security and ESET Remote Administrator Virtual Agent host can be activated using an offline license file when not connected to the internet.

How to create and download your offline license file

To create and download an offline license file, register a Security Admin account on ESET License Administrator portal and log in. If you want to download offline licenses that can be used to activate offline products, follow the steps below:

1.Navigate to the license for which you want to download the offline license file. Remember that licenses are platform specific - you need to download a specific license type to activate the specific product. Click the document symbol symbol_document_offline under Offline.
NOTE: If the license has already been used to create offline license files, the document symbol will be replaced with a number. In this case, click the number.

2.Check the license information and then click Add License File.

3.Select the specific product from the available Product list, set the number of Units you want to activate offline, enter the desired name (will be shown in the list of generated offline licenses) and click Generate.
If you want the particular ESET product activated by this offline license file to be able to receive updates directly from the ESET servers (if the target machine has internet access), select the check box next to Include Username and Password. If you do not supply these credentials, the product must be updated from a different location (mirror) configured by you.
If you select the check box next to Allow management with Remote Administrator, you will be asked to provide a Server Token. To obtain the Server Token, follow the instructions in ESET Remote Administrator Online help. Once the Server Token is listed, make a note of it and type it into the Server Token field in ESET License Administrator.

4.New offline license files will be generated.  As you can see, the number of available units decreases as the offline licenses are subtracted from the total number of units. Select the check box next to the  offline license and click Download.
Or click the offline license and from the pop up menu and select Download.
If you want to create another offline license file, click Add License File.

How to activate ESET Virtualization Security from ERA Web Console using an offline license file

From your ERA Web Console, navigate to Admin > License Management and click Add Licenses.


1.Enter the Offline license file - Exported using the ELA portal and include all information about product(s) ERA is able to manage. You will need to enter a specific License file token in the ESET License Administrator portal when generating an offline license file, otherwise the license file won't be accepted by ESET Virtualization Security.


2.Click the document symbol symbol_document_offline to save the offline license file.


3.Go back to ERA License Management, click Add licenses, Browse for the offline license file you've exported in ELA and then click Upload.



ESET Virtualization Security represents one virtual machine. ESET Virtualization Security reports the number of protected and connected machines. For more information read this ESET Knowledgebase article.