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Activation failed due to overused subscription


Your subscription may be overused or abused

Activation failed due to overused subscription


There are more devices using this subscription than it allows. You may be a victim of software piracy or counterfeiting. The subscription cannot be used to activate any other ESET product. You can solve this problem directly if you are allowed to manage the subscription in your ESET HOME account or purchased the subscription from a legitimate source. If you do not yet have an account, create one.

If you are a subscription owner and you were not prompted to type your email address:

1.To manage your ESET subscription, open a web browser and navigate to Access ESET License Manager and remove or deactivate seats. For more information, see What to do in case of an overused subscription.

2.To identify and report a pirated ESET subscription, visit our Identify and report pirated ESET subscription article for instructions.

3.If you are unsure, click Back and email ESET Technical Support.

If you are not a subscription owner, contact the owner of this subscription with information that you cannot activate the ESET product due to the subscription overuse. The owner can solve the problem in the ESET HOME portal.

If prompted to confirm your email address (several cases only), type the email address originally used to purchase or activate your ESET Security Ultimate.