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Network connections

Shows the networks to which network adapters are connected. To see network connections, open the main program window > Setup > Network protection > Network connections.

Double-click a connection in the list to show its details and Network adapter details.

Hover over a specific network connection and click the menu icon three_dots_menuin the Trusted column to choose one of the following options:

Edit—Opens the Configure network protection window where you can assign a Network protection profile to a specific network

Forget—Resets the network connection configuration to default

Scan network with Network Inspector—Opens Network Inspector to run a network scan

Mark as "My Network"—Adds a "My Network" tag to the network; this tag will be shown next to the network throughout the ESET Security Ultimate for better identification and security overview

Unmark as "My Network"—Removes the "My Network" tag; only available if the network is already tagged