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Adding or editing Firewall rules

Firewall Rules represent conditions used to meaningfully test all network connections and actions assigned to these conditions. Editing or adding Firewall rules may be required when the network settings change (for example, the network address or port number for the remote side changes) to ensure the correct operation of an application affected by a rule. An experienced user should create custom Firewall rules.


Illustrated instructions

The following ESET Knowledgebase articles may only be available in English:

Open or close (allow or deny) a specific port using a Firewall

Create a firewall rule from the log files in ESET Security Ultimate

To add or edit a Firewall rule, open Advanced setup > Protections > Network access protection > Firewall > Rules > Edit. In the Firewall rules window, click Add or Edit.


Name—Type a name for the rule.

Enabled—Click the toggle to make the rule active.

Add actions and conditions for the Firewall rule:

arrow_down_home Action

arrow_down_home Application

arrow_down_home Direction

arrow_down_home IP protocol

arrow_down_home Local host

arrow_down_home Local port

arrow_down_home Remote host

arrow_down_home Remote port

arrow_down_home Profile


In this example, we create a new rule to allow the Firefox web browser application to access the internet/local network websites:

1.In the Action section, select Action > Allow.

2.In the Application section, specify the Application path of the web browser (for example C:\Program Files\Firefox\Firefox.exe). Do NOT type the name of the application alone.

3.In the Direction section, select Direction > Out.

4.In the IP protocol section, select TCP & UDP from the Protocol drop-down menu.

5.In the Remote port section, add Port numbers: 80,443 to allow standard browsing.