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Malware scans

The Malware scans section is accessible from Advanced setup > Detection engine > Malware scans and allows you to configure scanning parameters for scan profiles.

On-demand scan

Selected profile—A specific set of parameters used by the on-demand scanner. To create a new one, click Edit next to List of profiles. Refer to Scan profiles for more details.

After you select the scan profile, you can configure the following options:

Scan targets—If you want to scan a specific target or a group of targets, click Edit next to Scan targets and select an option from the folder (tree) structure. Refer to Scan targets for more details.

On-demand & Machine learning protection—You can configure reporting and protection levels for each scan profile. By default, scan profiles use the same setup as defined in the Real-time file system protection. Disable the toggle next to Use real-time protection settings to configure custom reporting and protection levels. Refer to Protections for a detailed explanation of reporting and protection levels.

ThreatSense—Advanced setup options, such as file extensions you want to control and detection methods used. Refer to ThreatSense for more information.