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Safe Banking & Browsing

You can configure the Safe Banking & Browsing in Advanced setup > Protections > Browser protection > Safe Banking & Browsing.

icon_section Safe Banking & Browsing

Enable Safe Banking & Browsing—When Safe Banking & Browsing is enabled, all supported web browsers will start in a secure mode by default.

Browser protection

Secure all browsers—Start all supported web browsers in a secure mode.

Extension installation mode—From the drop-down menu, you can select which extensions will be allowed to be installed on a browser secured by ESET:

Essential extensions—Only the most essential extensions developed by a specific browser manufacturer.

All extensions—All extensions supported by a specific browser.


Changing the Extension installation mode does not affect previously installed browser extensions.

Secured browser

Enhanced memory protection—If enabled, the memory of secured browser will be protected from inspecting by other processes.

Keyboard protection—If enabled, the information you type with the keyboard into secured browser will be hidden from other applications. This increases protection against keyloggers.

Clipboard protection—If enabled, ESET Security Ultimate will prevent pasting any online payment-related data modified by malware from the clipboard into the secured browser. This ensures protection against potential changes made by malicious software.

Browser's frame—Personalize the display settings for the browser's frame in protected browsers.

Browser protection allowlist—Manage files added to the browser protection allowlist.

icon_section Browser Privacy & Security

Enable Browser Privacy & Security—If disabled, the Browser Privacy & Security extension will be uninstalled from all supported browsers across all Windows accounts.

Display Browser Privacy & Security notifications—If enabled, ESET Security Ultimate will show the notifications of Browser Privacy & Security.

icon_section Browser script scanner

Enable advanced scanning of browser scripts—If enabled, the antivirus scanner will check all JavaScript programs executed by internet browsers.