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Integration of ESET Security Ultimate with your email client increases the level of active protection against malicious code in email messages. If your email client is supported, you can enable integration in ESET Security Ultimate. When integrated into your email client, the ESET Security Ultimate toolbar is inserted directly into the email client for more efficient email protection. To edit Integration settings, open Advanced setup > Protections > Email client protection > Mailbox protection > Integration.

Integrate into Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook is currently the only supported email client. Email protection works as a plugin. The main advantage of the plugin is that it is independent of the protocol used. When the email client receives an encrypted message, it is decrypted and sent to the virus scanner. See this ESET Knowledgebase article for a complete list of supported Microsoft Outlook versions.

Advanced email client processing—Processes extra Outlook Messaging API (MAPI) events: Object modified (fnevObjectModified) and Object created (fnevObjectCreated). If you are experiencing a system slowdown when working with your email client, disable this option.