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Gamer mode

Gamer mode is a feature for users that demand uninterrupted usage of their software, do not want to be disturbed by notification/alert windows, and want to minimize CPU usage. Gamer mode can also be used during presentations that cannot be interrupted by antivirus activity. By enabling this feature, all notification windows are disabled and the activity of the scheduler will be stopped completely. System protection still runs in the background but does not demand any user interaction.

You can enable or disable Gamer mode in the main program window under Setup > Computer protection by clicking MODULE_INACTIVE or MODULE_ENABLED next to Gamer mode. Enabling Gamer mode is a potential security risk, so the protection status icon in the taskbar will turn orange and display a warning. You will also see this warning in the main program window where you will see Gamer mode active in orange.

Activate Enable Gamer mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically in Advanced setup > Tools > Gamer mode to have Gamer mode start whenever you initiate a full-screen application and stop after you exit the application.

Activate Disable Gamer mode automatically after to define the amount of time after which Gamer mode will automatically be disabled.


If the Firewall is in Interactive mode and Gamer mode is enabled, you might have trouble connecting to the internet. This can be problematic if you start a game that connects to the internet. Normally, you would be asked to confirm such an action (if no communication rules or exceptions have been defined), but user interaction is disabled in Gamer mode. To allow communication, define a communication rule for any application that might encounter this issue, or use a different Filtering mode in the Firewall. Keep in mind that if Gamer mode is enabled and you go to a website or application that might be a security risk, it may be blocked without any explanation or warning because user interaction is disabled.