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Excluded IPs

The entries in the list will be excluded from scanning. HTTP(S)/POP3(S)/IMAP(S) communication from/to the selected addresses will not be checked for threats. We recommend that you only use this option for addresses that are known to be trustworthy.

Click Add to exclude an IP address/address range/subnet of a remote point.

Click Edit to change selected IP address.

Click Delete to remove the selected entries from the list.



IP addresses examples

Add IPv4 address:

Single address—Adds an IP address of an individual computer (for example,

Address range—Type the starting and ending IP addresses to specify the IP range of several computers (for example,

Subnet—Subnet (a group of computers) defined by an IP address and mask. For example, is the network mask for the subnet. To exclude the whole subnet type in

Add IPv6 address:

Single address—Adds the IP address of an individual computer (for example, 2001:718:1c01:16:214:22ff:fec9:ca5).

Subnet—Subnet (a group of computers) is defined by an IP address and mask (for example, 2002:c0a8:6301:1::1/64).