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Device control rules editor

The Device control rules editor window displays existing rules and allows for precise control of external devices that users connect to the computer.


Specific devices can be allowed or blocked per user or user group and based on additional device parameters that can be specified in the rule configuration. The list of rules contains several descriptions of a rule such as name, type of external device, action to perform after connecting an external device to your computer and logging severity. See also Adding Device control rules.

Click Add or Edit to manage a rule. Click Copy to create a new rule with pre-defined options used for another selected rule. XML strings displayed when clicking a rule can be copied to the clipboard to help system administrators export/import these data and use them.

By pressing CTRL and clicking, you can select multiple rules and apply actions, such as deleting or moving them up or down the list, to all selected rules. The Enabled check box disables or enables a rule; this can be useful if you want to keep the rule.

Click Populate to auto-populate removable media device parameters for devices connected to your computer.

Rules are listed in order of priority with higher-priority rules closer to the top. Rules can be moved by clicking UP_DOWN Top/Up/Down/Bottom and can be moved individually or in groups.

Log entries can be viewed in the main program window > Tools > Log files.

The Device control log records all occurrences where Device control is triggered.