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System cleaner

System cleaner is a tool that helps you to restore the computer to usable state after cleaning the threat. Malware can disable system utilities such as Registry Editor, Task manager or Windows Updates. System cleaner restores the default values and settings for given system in a single click.

System cleaner reports issues from five settings categories:

Security settings: changes in settings which can cause an increased vulnerability of your computer, such as Windows Update

System settings: changes in system settings, that can change behavior of your computer, such as file associations

System appearance: settings that affects how your system looks, such as your desktop wallpaper

Disabled features: important features and applications that may be disabled

Windows System Restore: settings for the Windows System Restore feature, that enables you to revert your system to a previous state

System cleaning can be requested:

when a threat is found

when a user clicks Reset

You can review the changes and reset settings if appropriate.



Only a user with Administrator rights can perform actions in the System cleaner.