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Connected networks

Shows the networks to which network adapters are connected. Connected networks can be found in the main menu under Setup > Network protection. After clicking the link below the network name, you will be prompted to select a protection type for the connected network.

There are two network protection modes you can choose in the configure network protection window:

Yes—For trusted network (home or office network). Your computer and shared files stored on your computer are visible to other network users, and system resources are accessible to other users on the network. We recommend using this setting when accessing a secure local network.

No—For untrusted network (public network). Files and folders on your system are not shared with or visible to other users on the network, and system resource sharing is deactivated. We recommend using this setting when accessing wireless networks.

Click the gear icon GEAR next to a network to choose from the following options (for untrusted networks, only Edit Network option is available):

Edit Network—Opens the Network editor.

Scan network with Network Inspector—Opens Network Inspector to run a network scan.

Mark as "My Network"—Adds a My Network tag to the network. This tag will be shown next to the network throughout the ESET Smart Security Premium for better identification and security overview.

Unmark as "My Network"—Removes the My Network tag. Only available if the network is already tagged.

To view each network adapter and its assigned firewall profile and trusted zone, click Network adapters. For more detailed information, see the Network adapters section.