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Idle-state scan

You can enable the idle-state scanner in Advanced setup under Detection engine > Malware scans > Idle-state scan.

Idle-state scan

Enable the slider bar next to Enable Idle-state scanning to enable this feature. When the computer is in idle state, a silent computer scan is performed on all local drives.

By default, the idle-state scanner will not run when the computer (notebook) is operating on battery power. You can override this setting by enabling the slider bar next to Run even if computer is powered from battery in Advanced setup.

Enable the slider bar next to Enable logging in Advanced setup to record a computer scan output in the Log files section (from the main program window click Tools > More tools > Log files and select Computer scan from the Log drop-down menu).

Idle-state detection

See Idle state detection triggers for a full list of conditions that must be met to trigger the idle-state scanner.

Click ThreatSense engine parameter setup to modify scan parameters (for example, detection methods) for the Idle-state scanner.