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Email client protection

See Integration of ESET Smart Security Premium with your email client to configure the integration.

Email client settings are located under Advanced setup (F5) > Web and email > Email client protection > Email clients.

Email clients

Enable email protection by client plugins—When disabled, protection by email client plugins is turned off.

Email to scan

Select emails to scan:

Received email

Sent email

Read email

Modified email


We recommend that you keep Enable email protection by client plugins enabled. Even if integration is not enabled or functional, email communication is still protected by Protocol filtering (IMAP/IMAPS and POP3/POP3S).

Action to be performed on infected email

No action—If enabled, the program will identify infected attachments but will leave emails without taking any action.

Delete email—The program will notify the user about infiltration(s) and delete the message.

Move email to the Deleted items folder—Infected emails will be moved automatically to the Deleted items folder.

Move email to folder (default action)—Infected emails will be moved automatically to the specified folder.

Folder—Specify the custom folder where you want to move infected emails when detected.