Common Questions

This chapter covers some of the most frequently asked questions and problems encountered. Click the topic title to find out how to solve your problem:

How to resolve incompatibility issues with your operating system

How to update ESET Smart Security Premium

How to remove a virus from my PC

How to allow communication for a certain application

How to enable Parental control for an account

How to create a new task in Scheduler

How to schedule a scan task (weekly)

How to resolve "Banking & Payment protection could not be redirected to the requested web page"

How to unlock Advanced setup

How to resolve product deactivation from myESET

If your problem is not included in the help pages list above, try searching the ESET Smart Security Premium help pages.

If you cannot find the solution to your problem/question in the help pages, you can visit our regularly updated online ESET Knowledgebase. Links to our most popular Knowledgebase articles are included below to help you resolve common issues:

How to renew my license?

I received an activation error while installing my ESET product. What does it mean?

Activate my ESET Windows home product using my Username, Password, or License Key

Uninstall or reinstall my ESET home product

I receive the message that my ESET installation ended prematurely

What do I need to do after renewing my license? (Home users)

What if I change my email address?

Transfer my ESET product to a new computer or device

How to start Windows in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with networking

Exclude a safe website from being blocked

Allow access for screen readers software to ESET GUI

If necessary, you can contact our Technical Support with your questions or problems.