Connect to myESET

Connect your device to the myESET management portal to view and manage all your activated ESET licenses and devices. You can renew, upgrade or extend your license and view important license details. In the myESET management portal or mobile app, you can edit Anti-Theft settings, add different licenses, download products to your devices, check the product security status, or share licenses through email. For more information, visit myESET Online Help pages.

To connect your device to myESET:

1.In the main program window, click myESET > Connect to myESET or click Connect to myESET in Connect this device to a myESET account notification.

2.Enter your credentials and click Log in.




If you do not have a myESET account, click Create account to register or see instructions in help.

If you forgot your password click I forgot my password and follow the on-screen steps or see instructions in help.

3.Set a Device name and click Continue.

4.After a successful connection, a details window displays. Click Done.