Enter a License Key

The Setup Wizard select the product to install according to your license key and display the product name during installation. To view a list products your license can be used to activate, click Change product. For more information about the features in each specific product, click here.

Click Continue and select your preferred settings for ESET LiveGrid® and detection of potentially unwanted applications. ESET LiveGrid® helps ensure that ESET is immediately and continuously informed about new threats in order to protect our customers. The system allows you to submit new threats to the ESET Research Lab where they are analyzed, processed and added to the detection engine. Potentially unwanted applications are not necessarily malicious, but can negatively affect the behavior of your operating system. See the Potentially unwanted applications chapter for more details.


Click Install to start the installation process. It may take a few moments. Click Done to complete product setup and begin the activation process.


After the product is installed and activated, the modules start downloading. Protection is being initialized and some features may not be fully functional unless the download is complete.


If you have a license that allows you select between products, you can install a product according to your preferences. For more information about the features in each specific product, click here.

For more instructions about installation steps, ESET LiveGrid® and Detection of potentially unwanted applications, follow the instructions in the “Live installer” section.