To protect your computer in case of a loss or theft, choose from the following options to register your computer with ESET Anti-Theft.

1.After a successful activation click Enable Anti-Theft to activate ESET Anti-Theft features for the computer you just registered.

2.If you see the ESET Anti-Theft is available message in the Home pane of ESET Smart Security Premium, consider activating this feature for your computer. Click Enable ESET Anti-Theft to register your computer with ESET Anti-Theft.

3.From the main program window click Setup > Security tools. Click MODULE_INACTIVE next to ESET Anti-Theft and follow the instructions in the pop-up window.



ESET Anti-Theft does not support Microsoft Windows Home Servers.

For more instructions about ESET Anti-Theft computer association and see How to add a new device.