Banking & Payment protection

Banking & Payment protection is an additional layer of protection designed to protect your financial data during online transactions.

ESET Smart Security Premium contains a built-in list of predefined websites that will trigger a protected browser to open. You can add a website or edit the list of websites in the product configuration.

For more details about this feature, read the following ESET Knowledgebase article:
How do I use ESET Banking and Payment protection?

In most cases, Banking & Payment protection is launched in your default browser after you visit a known banking website.


We recommend that you click Open secured browser when prompted to use Banking & Payment protection.

If you decide you no longer want to use the secured browser for a site you've already saved, open Advanced setup (F5) > Tools > Banking & Payment protection where you can remove the site from the list of urls that trigger the secured browser.

The use of HTTPS encrypted communication is necessary to perform protected browsing. To use secure browsing, your internet browser should satisfy the minimum requirements listed below:

Mozilla Firefox 24

Internet Explorer 8

Google Chrome 30


We recommend that you close the secured browser after finishing online transactions or payments.