Supported browsers

A list of all browsers supported by Password Manager. Installed browsers are displayed at the top of the list. A password manager icon will be displayed next to browsers that are integrated. Click Uninstall to remove the password manager extension or Install to integrate Password Manager with a browser.


Change your Master Password, Autolock time or Authorization method. We do not recommend using password manager with the Autolock feature disabled.

Ignored Websites

List of websites that will be ignored by Password Manager, auto fill will not work on these websites.

Trusted Websites

If Password Manager warns you about phishing when you visit a website you know to be safe, you can add it to this list to prevent this warning. The warning will be displayed for sites that exhibit suspicious behavior such as redirection to other domains.

Ignored Apps

Select applications you don't want to use password manager with.

Hot keys

Set keyboard shortcuts for Password Manager.


Edit the Password Manager database and backup folder locations.