Outgoing communication

Example of an outgoing Internet connection:
A local application trying to establish an Internet connection.


Application – Application establishing the connection.

Company – Publisher of the application.

Reputation – Reputation of the application as obtained by ThreatSense technology.

Service – Name of the service that is currently running on your computer.

Remote computer – Remote computer trying to establish communication with the application on your computer.

Remote port – Port used for the communication.

Ask every time – If the default action for a rule is set to Ask, a dialog window will be displayed each time that the rule is triggered.

Remember until application quits – ESET Smart Security Premium will remember the chosen action until the next restart.

Create rule and remember permanently – If you select this option before allowing or denying a communication, ESET Smart Security Premium will remember the action and use it if the application is contacted by the remote computer again.

Allow – Allows the incoming communication.

Deny – Denies the incoming communication.

Advanced options – Allows you to customize rule properties.