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Automatic product updates

Activate automatic product component updates, including upgrade to later product versions:

1.In the Web interface, click Setup > Update.

2.In the Product Update section, select Auto-update from the Update mode list-box.

3.If you prefer to use a custom update server for product component updates:

a.Define the server address in the Custom server field.

b.Enter the Username and Password in the corresponding fields.

4.Click Save.


If managing ESET Server Security for Linux via ESET PROTECT, configure the above mentioned automatic updates through Policies.

To alter the configuration of ESET Server Security for Linux:

1.In ESET PROTECT, click Policies > New policy and type a name for the policy.

2.Click Settings and select ESET Server/File Security for Linux (V7+) from the drop-down menu.

3.Adjust the desired settings.

4.Click Continue > Assign, select the desired group of computers the policy will apply to.

5.Click Finish.


Restart Recommended

If a remotely managed computer has the automatic updates turned on, and the new package is automatically downloaded, the protection status in ESET PROTECT will be Restart Recommended.

Update mode

Auto-update - new packages are automatically downloaded and then installed upon the next restart of OS. If there have been updates to the End User License Agreement, the user must accept the updated End User License Agreement before downloading the new package.

Never-update - new packages are not downloaded, but the product displays the availability of new packages in the Status Overview.