Upgrade ESMC components in offline environment

Follow these steps to upgrade your ESMC components and ESET Endpoint products without access to the Internet:



Use of the Components Upgrade task for an offline environment is possible when:

There is an offline repository available.

Location of the repository for ESET Management Agent is configured using a policy to an accessible location.

1.First perform an upgrade of ESMC Server and Web Console:

a.Check which version of ESMC is running on the server.

b.Check for the latest versions of components.

c.Download the latest standalone installers from the ESET Download site.

d.Perform a manual component-based upgrade of ESMC Server and ESMC Web Console.

2.Continue with the offline upgrade of ESET endpoint products:

a.See which ESET products are installed on clients: Open ESMC Web Console and navigate to Dashboard > ESET applications.

b.Check to see the latest versions of ESET endpoint products.

c.Download installers from the ESET Download site to the local repository configured during offline installation.

d.Run a Software Install task from ESMC Web Console.