Decommission the old ERA/ESMC/MDM Server after migration to another server



Make sure your new ESMC Server/MDM is running and client computers and mobile devices are connecting to your new ESMC correctly.

There are a few options when decommissioning your old ERA/ESMC Server/MDM after migration to another server:

Keep the server machine OS and reuse it

1.Stop the ESMC Server service.

2.Delete (DROP DATABASE) the old ERA/ESMC Server database instance (MS SQL or MySQL).



If you migrated the database to the new ESMC Server, make sure to delete the database on the old ESMC Server before its uninstallation to prevent licenses from being dissociated (removed) from the new ESMC Server database.

3.Uninstall the old ERA/ESMC/MDM Server and all its components (including ESET Management Agent, Rogue Detection Sensor, MDM etc.):

oUninstall ERA 6.5 - Windows

oUninstall ESMC 7.x - Windows

oUninstall ESMC - Linux



Do not uninstall your database if there is other software dependent on your database.

4.Plan an operating system restart of your server after uninstallation.

Keep the server machine

The easiest way to remove ERA/ESMC/MDM is to format the disk where it is installed.



This will erase everything on the disk, including the operating system.