Migration of MDM

The objective of this procedure is to migrate your existing instance of ESMC MDM and keep your existing ESMC MDM database, including enrolled mobile devices. The migrated ESMC MDM will have the same IP address/hostname as the old ESMC MDM, and the database of the old ESMC MDM will be imported to the new MDM host prior to installation.



Migrating databases is only supported between identical database types (from MySQL to MySQL or from MSSQL to MSSQL).

When migrating a database, you must migrate between instances of the same ESET Security Management Center version. See our Knowledgebase article for instructions to determine the versions of your ESMC components. After completing database migration, you can perform an upgrade, if necessary, to get the latest version of ESET Security Management Center.


On your current (old) ESMC MDM server:

1.Navigate to the Computer details of your current MDM server and Export the configuration from your current "old" MDM Server. Open the configuration and export the following items from it to external storage:

The exact Hostname of your MDM Server.

Export peer certificates that are currently part of the MDM policy from your ESMC Server to a .pfx file. The exported .pfx will have the private key included. Export the following certificates and tokens as well if present:

oAn HTTPS certificate.

oThe enrollment profile signing certificate

oAn APNS Certificate (export both APNS Certificate and APNS Private Key).

oApple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) authorization token.

2.Stop the ESMC MDM service.

3.Export/Back up the ESMC MDM Database.

4.Turn off the current ESMC MDM machine (optional).



Do not uninstall/decommission your old ESMC MDM yet.


On your new ESMC MDM Server:



Make sure the network configuration on your new ESMC MDM server (the hostname you exported from the configuration of your "old" MDM server) matches that of your old ESMC MDM.

1.Install/Launch a supported ESMC MDM database.

2.Import/Restore the ESMC MDM database from your old ESMC MDM.

3.Install ESMC Server/MDM using the All-in-one package installer (Windows) or choose another installation method (Windows manual installation, Linux or Virtual Appliance). Specify your database connection settings during installation of ESMC MDM.

4.Connect to the ESMC Web Console.

5.Create a new MDM policy and import all certificates to their appropriate locations in the policy.

6.Restart the ESMC MDM service, see our Knowledgebase article for details.

Managed mobile devices should now connect to your new ESMC MDM server using their original certificate.

Old ESMC Server/MDM uninstallation:

Once you have everything running correctly on your new ESMC Server, carefully decommission your old ESMC Server/MDM using our step-by-step instructions.