Server-assisted Agent installation

To continue server-assisted Agent installation follow these steps:

1.Enter the hostname or IP address of your ESMC Web Console (same as ESMC Server) in the Server host field. Leave Web Console port set to the default port 2223 if you are not using custom port. Also, enter your Web Console account credentials in the Username and Password fields.



Make sure the Server host matches at least one the values (ideally be FQDN) defined in Host field of the Server certificate. Otherwise you will get an error saying "Received server certificate is not valid". The only exception is in case there is a wildcard (*) in Server certificate Host field, which means it will work with any Server host.

2.Click Yes when asked if you want to accept the certificate.

3.Choose Do not create computer or Choose custom static group. If you click Choose custom static group you will be able to select from a list of existing Static groups in ESMC. The computer will be added to the group you= have selected.

4.Specify a destination folder for the ESET Management Agent (we recommend that you use the default location), click Next and then click Install.