Uninstall ESMC Server and its components - Windows

To uninstall ESMC components, run the ESMC All-in-one installer that you used during ESMC installation and select Uninstall ESET Security Management Center components. You can also select Language from the drop-down menu before proceeding.


Before uninstalling Mobile device connector, read MDM iOS licensing functionality.


After accepting the EULA, click Next. Select the component(s) you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.


Uninstall the following software manually:

WinPcap and Apache HTTP Proxy - uninstall them via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

ESMC Web Console and Apache Tomcat:

a.Open the Command Prompt as Administrator

b.Stop the Tomcat7 service:
sc stop Tomcat7

c.Delete the Tomcat7 service:
sc delete Tomcat7

d.Delete the Apache Tomcat installation folder:

  C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\[ Tomcat folder ]\


A computer restart may be required to complete the removal of particular components.

See also Decommission the old ERA/ESMC/MDM Server after migration to another server.