It is essential that both ESMC Server and client computers managed by ESMC have a working Internet connection so that they can reach the ESET repository and activation servers. If you prefer not to have clients connect directly to the Internet, you can use a proxy server (not the same as Apache HTTP Proxy) to facilitate communication with your network and the Internet.

Computers managed by ESMC should be connected to the same LAN and should be in the same Active Directory domain as your ESMC Server. The ESMC Server must be visible by client computers. Additionally, client computers must be able to communicate with your ESMC Server to use remote deployment and the wake-up call feature.

ESMC for Windows/Linux is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols. ESMC Virtual Appliance is compatible only with IPv4.

Ports used

If your network uses a firewall, see our list of possible network communication ports used when ESET Security Management Center and its components are installed in your infrastructure.